With Music in Mind is a pioneering new music service which is the result of a three-year research project undertaken by The Applied Music Research Centre at Roehampton University in collaboration with The Amber Trust and funded by the Baily Thomas Foundation, The potential role of music to enhance the lives of children and young people with Batten disease. 

The With Music In Mind music service aims to transform music provision for visually impaired children and young people with neurodegenerative disease by providing parents, carers, teachers and therapists with freely available resources, and offering visits from specially trained music practitioners. This will enable them to give their children rich musical experiences early on and to continue using music in the later stages of a their disease.

Families involved in the scheme will receive a set of specially designed resources in addition to the one-to-one musical support from a music practitioner who will work with the whole family, and any carers or support workers who wish to participate. Devising and modelling activities with a view to supporting functions such as communication and language, memory, mobility, socialising and choice-making, and more generally promoting a sense of wellbeing.

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